A home from home dog boarding service where your pet will be integrated within our family. We have two king Charles Spaniels (Millie & Saffie) who have the run of the house and always enjoy making new friends.

Your beloved will enjoy at least 2 walks per day and will have all the attention and fuss they desire.

We ask you to supply your own dog beds and food with instructions, as that way they will have familiar smells and surroundings. We have our own logoed leads, collars and have tracker units for more nervous dogs.

All Boarding Dogs MUST be friendly and good with other dogs and people, they must be fully vaccinated and not on any dangerous dog register. All Dogs boarding with us have to come for a pre stay visit to ensure this and it is a good chance for you the learn more about us and to know your loved ones are left in the best possible care. Please note we do not accept puppies under 6 months old and all dogs must be neutered.

We are fully insured and hold a 5 Star Council Boarding License which is renewed upon inspection each year.

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