New Online Booking System and Launch of New App

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Exciting news………  
  It's time to launch a new & improved online booking system for our walking services, the boarding system will remain the same for the moment but this may change in the future. 
The new system is not only web based but it also comes as an app which you can download from you app store. The app is call Time to Pet and full instructions can be found on the next page if needed.

The system is just as easy to use & offers some extra features, the main one is the ability to communicate directly between us on the app, sending notifications about visits, requests and gives the walker the ability to report any issues back to you at the end of the walk. This central messaging system gives our whole team access  so eliminates your need to text us or use any other media platform to message or call us. It also ensures that despite staff leave, one of us will receive your message. 

Messages will be prioritised re urgency & during office hours only. We don’t have access to our phones whilst driving.   We have been super busy behind the scenes transferring all your data to the new system. But we recommend checking upcoming services to ensure all bases are covered.  All rolling services will continue as normal. 

Our online adhoc booking service will still be available but we will be  losing the 7pm booking cut off to 48 hours prior notice for all bookings & cancellations. This will be phased in over the next month and you will be given plenty of notice before this is changed.

    The late 7pm booking option was originally set up to allow for the occasional adhoc booking but the volume of last minute requests flooding in daily has forced us to adjust this. We’ve learned that we need a little more notice to ensure all doggy’s are scheduled into appropriate groups. Also if we are out for the afternoon/evening, not looking at our phones, we find it incredibly difficult to schedule in late requests for the following day. This results in late texts from clients who are concerned their services haven’t been confirmed.    We are encouraging you to up your organisational skills & book in advance.  Looking back through client history, most last minute adhoc service requests don’t vary that much from previous weekly services.    You can still view your bookings on your account once you’ve followed your login info.   Alongside our ‘whoswalkingme spring cleaning into 2024’  We are going to be launching our ‘loyalty membership plan’    

You will be receiving an email shortly with a link to activate you new account and to set up a password etc. If you have any questions the give us a call or drop us an email and we will endeavour to get you up and running asap.

Thanks again.